Clean Water = Society

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The best thing since sliced bread.” Or the one that goes, “The best invention since the wheel.” Baked goods and transportation are great, sure, but they’re not really the ones that make the world go ‘round (wheel pun intended). For my money, the one thing that truly makes modern societyRead More

Tiny, Battery-Free Radio Brings “Internet of Things” Closer to Reality

“The next exponential growth in connectivity will be connecting objects together and giving us remote control through the web.”   These are the words of Amin Arbabian, assistant professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University and one of a team of engineers who created a radio that requires no batteries and that is no biggerRead More

Texas A&M Not Messing Around with New Engineering Department

After years of half-heartedly trying to bring students to their hallowed halls with cries of, “Hey, engineering, right?!”, Texas A&M University has finally decided to quick messing around and bring the thunder. Their bold goal: to bring 25,000 engineering students to the university by 2025.   Expansion, Expansion, Expansion   By January of next year,Read More

Google Grabs Gecko; Gets Gagné, Good Guys

Late last month, Google bought out (“acquired” in business-speak) the mechanical engineering company Gecko Design, Inc. This purchase helps teh Googz move one step closer to producing hardware products that will allow them to take over more of the entire world than they already have. Huzzah! Wait…”huzzah”?   Welcome to Google X, Mr. Gecko  Read More

A Cure for Boneitis?

Chemical engineers at MIT have created a new type of implantable tissue scaffold that promotes rapid new bone growth. Coated with bone growth factors that are released over the course of several weeks, this scaffold is potentially a significant improvement over current bone injury treatments, which often involves transplanting bone from another part of theRead More

27 Faux Engineers at Bombardier?

More than two dozen (two dozen!) Bombardier employees have been accused of not actually being the engineers they claim to be. Accusations were formally filed by Quebec’s Order of Engineers (which is probably roughly the same as, but way cooler-sounding than, a union) in late July.   Do Not Usurp the Order   The OrderRead More

It IS Rocket Science at NARAM

Rocketry enthusiasts of all ages gathered in Pueblo, Colorado, last week for the National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet. Now in its 56th year, NARAM welcomed over 300 amateur rocket builders and designers for a week-long series of events and competitions that ran from July 26 through August 1.   “Getting Kids Excited” About RocketryRead More

Engineering Perfection Through Technology

As any engineer can tell you, you can engineer something down to the last, minute detail, but without proper execution, that engineering goes right out the window. Everything needs to come together exactly as the engineer engineered in order for it to realize its full potential. Thankfully, continually advancing technology is making it easier andRead More

11% More Engineering Jobs in the US in the Next Decade

By 2023, it’s will (probably) be a very good time to be an engineer in the United States. A recent study shows that the job market for engineers in the US will likely expand greatly in the next ten years. Looks like I might actually be able to find a job after college. Huzzah!  Read More

“Nonlinear Mirrors” Are A Thing (Now)

Lasers are an important tool in scientific research, used in biomedical applications, chemical detection, and more. Now, a group of (presumably) geniuses at Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin have invented “nonlinear mirrors” that will make scientific lasers even more useful and effective.   Metamaterials = 1M Times the IntensityRead More

Scenes from My Un-Made Movie, Part III

Here’s the link for Part II, if you want to check out the prior installment (you know you do). It’s not necessary, strictly speaking, as I am presenting these scenes out of order (and out of context) here so those morally-bankrupt Hollywood jabronies don’t steal my brilliant ideas. All you need to know is thatRead More