Clean Water = Society

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The best thing since sliced bread.” Or the one that goes, “The best invention since the wheel.” Baked goods and transportation are great, sure, but they’re not really the ones that make the world go ‘round (wheel pun intended). For my money, the one thing that truly makes modern societyRead More

New Mexico Environment Dept. Sets Up Free Labor Program

Over the summer, the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) benefited from a whole bunch of free labor from a group of four interns. “Experience is the best form of payment,” some may say, but, no, it’s not—a decent paycheck is the best form of payment. Yet, somehow, NMED Pollution Prevention Program (known on the streetzRead More

Cheeseheads at UW-Sheboygan Dropping $1.5M on New Engineering Building

Starting in the 2015-16 school year, engineering students at the University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan—deep in Cheesehead territory—will have a shiny, new, $1.5 million engineering building. A groundbreaking ceremony for the new facility was held earlier this month.   Bratwurst Science Building?   The new, roughly 7,200 square foot building will be dubbed the Plastics Engineering CompanyRead More

Development Engineers: LITERALLY Engineering A Better World

For all our technological and scientific advances, we still live in a largely undeveloped world. While 4.5 billion people (well over half the earth’s population) have mobile phones, over a billion people on our planet do not have reliable access to clean water; even more live with no electricity. It’s a massive disparity, but thereRead More

Engineering Marvels: Texas A&M’s Kyle Field

Eighteen million pounds of steel. Forty thousand cubic yards of concrete. Seating for 100,000 frenzied football fans. Texas A&M University’s Kyle Field is truly a sight to behold. And, with continuing renovation work—over 1.5 million man-hours and counting—it will soon be even better.   Decades of Tradition   The original structure was built in 1927,Read More

Squeak Reduction Coatings for Office Chairs

Saving the Sanity of Office Drones Since 1964   I knew a girl who worked in a big corporate office. One of her coworkers had a chair that squeaked and groaned every time the guy moved. It annoyed her so much that one day, she waited until everyone had left, and she switched her coworker’sRead More

Raise A Glass for Cary Pint

After appearing on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list of rising science talents in 2012, Cary Pint is now one of the American Society of Engineering Education’s “Top 20 Under 40” (as in: under the age of 40). To put it simply, Cary Pint is really good at engineer.   Mr. Energy Depot   Pint madeRead More

Shipbuilding Offers New Frontiers for Engineers

According to the U.S. Maritime Administration, a division of the Department of Transportation, military shipbuilding accounted for more than 60 percent of all industry revenues, with commercial shipbuilding representing another 22 percent. Some engineers may not consider shipbuilding an ideal outlet for their skills, it offers a wide range of engineering opportunities—R&D, systems design, constructionRead More

Tiny, Battery-Free Radio Brings “Internet of Things” Closer to Reality

“The next exponential growth in connectivity will be connecting objects together and giving us remote control through the web.”   These are the words of Amin Arbabian, assistant professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University and one of a team of engineers who created a radio that requires no batteries and that is no biggerRead More

Texas A&M Not Messing Around with New Engineering Department

After years of half-heartedly trying to bring students to their hallowed halls with cries of, “Hey, engineering, right?!”, Texas A&M University has finally decided to quick messing around and bring the thunder. Their bold goal: to bring 25,000 engineering students to the university by 2025.   Expansion, Expansion, Expansion   By January of next year,Read More

Google Grabs Gecko; Gets Gagné, Good Guys

Late last month, Google bought out (“acquired” in business-speak) the mechanical engineering company Gecko Design, Inc. This purchase helps teh Googz move one step closer to producing hardware products that will allow them to take over more of the entire world than they already have. Huzzah! Wait…”huzzah”?   Welcome to Google X, Mr. Gecko  Read More